Job Description - Part Time Youth Director

I. Description of current Youth Activity in Sequoia Baptist

Sequoia Baptist is a small church located on the East Hill of Kent. There are about 80-100 attendees including youth each week. There is a worship service on Sunday morning preceded by our Small Group (adults) and Sunday School (elementary and secondary youth) sessions. There is an evening service each Sunday and a Prayer Meeting each Wednesday evening. During the Sunday worship service, elementary youth are dismissed for special activity.

We also hold periodic activities that involve youth participation including:

  • Vacation Bible School (one week in August)
  • Annual Youth Conference (attended by secondary youth)
  • Youth Outings (scheduled as desired for both elementary and secondary youth)
  • Youth outreach - Good News Club held weekly at Pine Tree Elementary.

The goal for our new Youth Director is to enhance these current youth activities, building on what we are currently doing, rather than adding more activities. We do not anticipate having the Youth Director teaching Sunday School.

II. Role for new Youth Director

The Youth Director will disciple young people in their spiritual growth. This will include both formal mentoring and informal mentoring as rapport is established with individual youth.

There is a mentoring role directed toward existing youth staff with a goal of enhancing each of the staff's effectiveness in their ministry to youth.

There is an expectation that the Youth Director will develop a close working relationship with:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Existing Youth Staff
  • Sequoia Youth Committee
  • Pastor

III. Qualifications for Youth Director

Ideal candidate will be called by God to serve in youth activity (with a passion for ministering to children). He/she should have prior experience with ministry to youth.

He/she should have a strong Biblical background and the ability to communicate Biblical truth to youth.

Because he/she will be working closely with secondary youth, there is an expectation that the candidate will demonstrate an ability to articulate their theology regarding current social issues. This may include formal teaching/mentoring as described above.

The candidate will be required to pass a criminal background check and will complete a youth director questionnaire. Finalists will be interviewed by the youth director search committee.

The candidate will be asked to commit to serving at Sequoia for a minimal time of a year (or until the end of the church year in Sept. 2015). We certainly understand that extenuating circumstances could change this commitment. The contract for follow-on service would be desirable to extend this ministry for multiple years.

This Job Description for Part Time Youth Director is considered to be a minimal description.

Please email and for more information.

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